Dear friends,


I am sure that we are all facing realities when it’s hard to see our likeness when we differ so much. Sometimes it’s hard to step out the borders that make us apart. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the world can be a better place.
And here comes the importance of being unified. The Institute of Nations Foundation is based on the belief that a safe future can be guaranteed only when humanity finds the way to be united. Partners, colleagues, volunteers, we welcome everyone who values the significance of peace, empathy, cooperation, mutual support and understanding.
Sharing ideas, discussing the problems, searching for solutions, and simply holding hands: Institute of Nations Development Foundation suggests this way to unity. The journey to a better world is long, yet the future belongs to the dreamer. Join us!
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Armen Arzumanyan
IoN Founder and Chairman


Institute of Nations (IoN) is an initiative started in 2012 by Dr. Armen Arzumanyan to stimulate political and social development and economic growth throughout the world.

In IoN, we believe that bridging ties between politicians, business industry players and culture representatives is a powerful tool for greater access to common welfare and equality all over the world.


IoN has a mission to provide services to meet the needs of our partners and deliver superior returns. In doing so, the aspirations of our team for growth and development are realized, and greater value achieved for all our stakeholders.


IoN creates partnerships and cooperation on projects that contribute to the development of businesses and communities, create capacities and new expertise all over the world.

The scope of the projects carried out by IoN include cooperation with political parties, worldwide business and trade organization, national governments and public institutions, research and training centers as well as charity campaigns.

International Relations & Politics

IoN acts to make public policy better in Armenia and partnering countries ensuring the effectiveness and policy implications. We focus on the role of politics in social and economic development, including both national and international policies, the implementation of strategies for conflict resolution, the rise of human rights and democracy. We actively promote national interests of Armenia both on national and international level.

Economics & Business

IoN brings together innovators, business executives, solution providers, thought leaders through the cross-border networking events that aim to increase international trade and business development. We find investable and efficiency seeking projects and actively promote amongst potential investors both in Armenia and within our network of 75+ countries.

Social Impact

IoN advances society to achieve the greatest possible social impact every day. We support and prioritize investing in projects with our hard work and passion in helping the socially vulnerable representatives in our community to  improve their lives, in protecting the natural environment or in supporting their neighborhood’s life. We develop and carry on projects in the framework of The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, were adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.

Academia & Research

IoN fosters learning, shedding light on common challenges and providing a platform to brainstorm creative solutions. We deliver both academic and non formal education forms in our learning projects with IoN Learning Academy with key focus on politics, economics and diplomacy. We carry on field specific research with the focus to learn about the future of work, the impact of new technologies on traditional businesses, emerging theories in economics, human resource management, gender related issues, democracy, political development in general and environment. Our pool of experts and like-minded professionals provide fact-based findings and recommendations, they use up to date research methodology and techniques for initial and secondary information generation and quality analysis.

Cultural Projects

Culture and society are interactly related. Culture provides education and social engagement and carries an essential role in setting up communication, mutual understanding and empathy. That’s why we pay special attention to implementation of cultural projects. Book presentations, art exhibitions, drama and dance performances, workshops and lectures – these are several examples of a wide variety of our cultural events. We bring together new ideas and link people of different cultural backgrounds creating a basis for intercultural dialogue.    



Founder, Chairman


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General Director


Business Analyst


IoN partners are global players in all continents of the world. They all play major roles in their communities with a goal of greater social impact in their day-to-day operations.

  • European Conservatives and Reformists Party
  • New Directions Foundation
  • ECRG
  • EYC
  • IDU
  • IYDU
  • Conservatives.Global
  • CEVRO Institute


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Charity law within the UK varies among England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, but the fundamental principles are the same.

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