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Paruyr Jangulyan is an independent business analyst and has more than 9 years of experience in managing projects with the EU Delegation to Armenia, the World Bank Group, public institutions and private sector. Prior to that he was the Head of Investors Aftercare at the Development Foundation of Armenia, where he supported set-up and servicing of foreign investment projects in Armenia.

Paruyr has experience working with the US state institutions in economic policy analysis during his full-time fellowship in the office of Senator Lena C. Taylor in Madison, Wisconsin in the framework of the Professional Fellows Program funded by the US State Department in 2012.

Paruyr Jangulyan holds a PhD in Economics from the Institute of Economics of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia and he is a graduate of Yerevan State Institute of Economics. He was a DAAD research fellow in the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics in the University of Bremen, Germany in 2014. Paruyr is an author of six scientific articles on foreign direct investment risk evaluation, legal framework for effective investment policy, and private equities published from 2007 to 2015.

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